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Introducing Cloud Email

As the first step towards bringing Office 365 to UNSW, we are upgrading our email system by relocating to Cloud technology to pave the way for new and improved services. This new service is referred to as ‘Cloud Email’.

The upgrade enhances our functionality, improves our collaboration and flexibility and provides greater accessibility with fully supported applications. It reduces the costs associated with mail storage and delivers better value to UNSW.

Moving to the Cloud, provides all Staff, Students and Alumni improved environment stability, access to email, contacts and shared calendars from multiple devices including laptops, mobile and tablets.  Email platform is regularly updated to the latest Microsoft version; this means you will always have the latest email functionality.  No more downtime, waiting for email server backups and maintenance outages. Cloud email is safe and secure; your mail will be encrypted and hosted in Australia, meets the UNSW policies on privacy and record keeping and complies with Australia’s privacy laws.