The Basics

What is the Cloud?

Why is email moving to the Cloud?

What are the benefits of Cloud?

Where will my data be stored/hosted?

Will my data be safe and secure?

Who owns the contract with the cloud vendor (Microsoft)

How can I access my email via a browser?

Mail Message Size Limits

What is the limit on attachments?

What if I need to send/receive emails greater than 20MB?

What if I have emails in my mailbox greater than 20MB that need to be migrated?

Will scanning attachments over 20MB be an issue (i.e. high resolution images)?


Will my mailbox size change?

What is Clutter?


Cache Mode in Outlook

What is Cache Mode?

What does this mean for me?

Can I turn Cache Mode off or is it permanent?

Will emails be cached on all my devices? e.g. desktop, laptop, phone or tablet

How frequent will my emails be cached?

I have a large inbox; does this mean the caching process will take longer?

Pre-Migration to Cloud?

How will I be migrated to the Cloud?

When will I be migrated?

What do I need to do?

Will I experience an email outage during the migration?

Will I need to login to my email each time I open Outlook?

Will my emails be migrated on all devices? e.g. desktop, laptop, phone and tablet

Will my email change?

Do I need to update my software in order to be migrated?

Migration to Cloud

I am not using Microsoft Outlook can I still access my email?

Will the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook change?

Will I be able to access my email from any web browser?

Will I lose any emails during migration?

What happens if I am on annual leave or out of office?

How can I access my email on my mobile, tablet and iPad?

What login details do I use to login to my UNSW email account?

What does the 'ad' in my login mean?

Post Migration to Cloud Email

What happens once I am migrated to Cloud email?

What are the key things I need to do once I have been migrated?

Do I need to re-establish my Outlook rules?

How long will it take to sync my Outlook email after migration?

Will I have access to Lync post migration?

What happens to my local mail archives?

Will my Distribution List (DL) be migrated?

What if I am the owner of the Distribution List stored on the Global Address List (GAL), will this be migrated over?

Can I access my Distribution List using Outlook Web Application?

Will my group/shared mailboxes be migrated?

Will my calendars be migrated?

What is the difference between Delegations and Shared Mailboxes?

Will my delegation rights be effected?

Will my 'Personal Storage Table Files (PST) be migrated?

What if I lose any of my personal folders or information during the migration?

What is Active Sync?

Why is my Out of Office still showing after migration?

Is there a recipient limit when sending bulk emails?

Email Policy

What steps has UNSW taken to ensure my information is secure?

What type of compliance accreditation has the vendor undertaken to ensure the safety of my information?

What happens to my email if a redirection is in place?

Can I retrieve deleted emails?

What happens if I have too many emails stored in my active folder?

Who administers my email account?

Will my emails expire?

What are the Terms of Use for the Cloud Service?

What laws are the Service Agreements bound by?

How is my Personal Information handled?


Outlook Web Application (OWA)

What is Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

How do I access my email using webmail?

Can I see my personal folders using Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

How do I find my folders in OWA?

Can I see my calendar and shared calendars using Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

How do I book meeting rooms using OWA?

Can I see all my contacts using Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Where can I get more information on how to use Outlook Web Application (OWA)?

Support and Other

Where can I go for further support or if I come across technical issues?

We are currently able to download Microsoft Office Pro Plus free of charge to any mobile device from Microsoft. Do we get additional Office products?

When will I get access to the complete Microsoft Outlook Suite?

What is an SOE machine?